Matchmove + Cleanup

For this project I wanted to create a scene to demonstrate my Matchmove abilities using PFTrack. For the footage I found some EXRs from the Tears of Steel short film.

I denoised the footage and then brought it into PFTrack.


In PFTrack I created a mask around moving parts of the footage to reduce the amount of errors in the track. I added a user track to track the markers on the green screen. After solving the track I still had a lot of bad trackers, so I removed all with an error above 2. I then manually removed some more bad tracks such as floaters and some false corners.

I did look for lens distortion grids or lens data, however none was provided. I did use lens distortion data in my last project.

Once I was finished in PFTrack I brought the footage into Fusion. I used Fusion due to licensing reasons, however I am also trained in Nuke.


I keyed the footage and removed the tracking markers from the footage. I then imported the PFTrack data and merged a mask around some of the set with the alpha on the keyer.


I imported some background footage into the 3D scene which I then rendered and merged with the foreground footage. I corrected the white balance on both clips and reduced the highlights on the foreground clip. Finally I reapplied a subtle noise to the video.