Alien Container – Year 3

After receiving feedback from my summer project I decided I would recreate my container scene but this time as a CG integration. This is so I could focus on creating one asset while still having a full scene to put on my showreel.

I remade the container as I wanted the primary asset to show off my modelling skills. I also created new textures for the new asset. This is after receiving feedback that the original container I made last year was too diffuse and lacked reflective detail.



I used Substance Designer and Substance Painter to texture the container. This is because I find Substance to be far more intuitive in comparison to Mari.


To integrate my model into the plate I started by creating a track in PFTrack. I then imported the data into Maya and started creating a digital version of the set which can be used to create a light map.

Digital recreation of the set in Maya
The light map shows how I will integrate the CGI light into the plate.

I am currently in the process of integrating the CG asset into the plate and doing a day for night conversion using a light map.